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World’s Best Free Paraphrase Tool

Our advanced paraphraser rewrites original content, articles, and blogs. The paraphrase tool replaces synonyms and alters grammatical structure in order to prevent plagiarism.


How it works

Paraphraser is simple to use

1st Step:

Copy/paste text in input box (left hand box)

2nd Step:

Select the paraphrasing level from low, medium, high

3rd Step:

Choose the output language. If the input text is in English, the output can be in Spanish/French language. By default, the paraphrased text will be in English.

4th Step:

Click “Paraphraser” and wait for the result.

What makes our paraphraser the best option for rephrasing?

It uses semantics and machine learning to restructure paragraphs and ensure that the main idea is still conveyed.

Our tool also has 03 different paraphrasing levels that will help you write better articles. There is also an AI-powered synonym changer included in the paraphraser.

As an added bonus, it is 100% free, works on all browsers, and has Android and IOS applications available for download. Moreover, the trained models can detect more than 80 international languages and rephrase them accordingly.

All in all, the following built-in technology makes this tool an exceptional tool for rewriting your essays:  

BART Model

GPT3 Model

AI Trained Data

Synonym Libraries

What you can do with the paraphrase tool?

You can:

Change synonyms

Generate unique content

Remove complex words

Translate text in other languages

Intact readability score

Unblock Writer’s Block

Download Paraphrasing App

You can download online paraphrasing apps for Android & IOS.

Both applications are free and off similar features to web-based services.  

paraphraser mobile app


Sentence Level Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is now possible on a paragraph and sentence level thanks to years of training data.

Using our AI sentence rephraser, you can rewrite assignments, research papers, and theses with maximum accuracy and no plagiarism.

100% Free Rephraser

It requires no signup/sign-in details to paraphrase online on our website. It is a 100% free paraphraser and lets you rewrite 1000 words at once.

Buying online article spinners can be risky. However, with our tool, you are free to explore its all paraphrasing levels and all supported languages.

Paraphrase Any Topic

Our paraphrasing website has the tendency to rewrite all niches.

It provides the best results to health, finance and business niches.

In addition, it produces the highest quality rewriting results for other niches as well. You no longer need to compromise on SEO since we added all-niche support. 

Paraphraser Faqs

How do you paraphrase a scholarly article?

In writing a research paper, the first step in preparing a well-researched article is to read the source material. While reading, you should consider the overall meaning of the work and try to state it in your own words. Once you have finished writing, you should proofread and revise your piece to make sure it makes sense. Here are some tips on paraphrasing:

The structure of the original text is the first thing you should look for when paraphrasing an article. A scholarly article often uses long, compound sentences with many ideas. If you wish to express a complex idea in an easier way, you can break it down into several smaller sentences. It is imperative to make sure that your words and sentence structures match the style of the original document. Also, make sure that the paraphrased text makes sense, since many readers might not understand the original author’s complex words.

It is also important that the text has a certain tone. You can include direct quotations from the original, but you don’t need to use quotation marks around paraphrased words and vocabulary. 

Finally, you should use an online plagiarism checker to make sure you have not plagiarized. For this, compare the original text with rewritten content.

Is the paraphrasing tool legit?

Paraphrasing tools can modify the content and make it plagiarism-free. Although, paraphrasing your own text without following guidelines can still lead to plagiarism. Furthermore, using a tool that can change the original text can boost creativity and your writing ability.

However, the common problem with paraphrasing tools is their misuse. This happens when they are used to substitute for citations. This is not legal, as the resulting material is not your own. Just remember that you should cite your sources correctly.

Paraphraser.ai is a good choice for free rewriting. With this tool, the sentence structure is completely altered and the content is transformed into unique text.

Can Turnitin detect paraphraser.ai?

In our recent study, Turnitin failed to identify the original source material using paraphraser.ai. Its only successful match was when it used reference data to match the output with the original.

What is the best paraphrasing tool online for free?

There are several online rewriting tools available to choose from. If you are a new writer, you can use this AI paraphraser website that will help you to rephrase your content. The tool can make your content more understandable by combining synonyms and phrases, and it can also translate your content into multiple languages. This is a great free service for those who write a lot and want to make their content stand out.

Can I provide feedback?

Your feedback helps us to grow and improve our online tool. You can contact us using this form or email us directly at


Write clearly and unblock writer's block with online paraphraser.

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